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This site is supported by the Northwest Communications Union District (NWCUD) to reach out to residents in Franklin and Grand Isle counties concerning their internet needs.

The NWCUD is a municipal entity that serves town in the Franklin and Grand Isle counties in Vermont. Through this site, NWCUD is currently collecting the contact information of residents who are interested in receiving high-speed, fiber internet as soon as it gets built by their house or business, and also helping residents get connected to the internet today by providing resources and assistance.

We’re looking to better understand who is interested in receiving high-speed, fiber internet as soon as it’s available in Franklin and Grand Isle counties. This information will help us save time and money as we build out a local fiber network since we’ll be able to install the fiber cable right to your house or business as we pass by (rather than sending out another crew later). It will also help bring fiber to your area faster!

Think you might move soon or change your mind later? That’s okay. We’ll check back in when we’re about to build to make sure you still want the service. Either way, it helps us plan where to build, and it also shows potential financial partners that there is real demand for fiber in the area. So if you think you may want fiber internet, please fill out our survey and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same!

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Looking for some WiFi? No problem! There are many free, public WiFi hotspots located in towns around Franklin and Grand Isle counties and across Vermont. Check out our statewide map to locate a hotspot near you.

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We’ve compiled a number of resources to help residents find internet service providers, access internet subsidies for low-income subscribers, manage the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how to use the internet and stay safe while using the internet.

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We’ve also collected information on the availability of cell service around Vermont, including a map with the download speed by provider. Additionally, we’ve mapped many of the current cable and fiber internet lines across Vermont, so you can see which provider has a line already installed near your home or business.

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Coming together to help our neighbors is essential for our community’s well being during the pandemic, but it can be tough to do with social distancing. NWCUD is a resource for all things related to internet and technology during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re looking for volunteers to help.

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If you need additional help getting connected to the internet, please contact us.

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The Northwest Communications Union District (NWCUD) is focused on bringing high-speed, fiber internet to towns in Franklin and Grand Isle counties in Vermont. NWCUD was formed in 2020 as outlined in Vermont State Statute. NWCUD has 12 member towns as of June 2021, including Alburgh, Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburgh, Fairfax, Fairfield, Georgia, Highgate, Isle La Motte, Montgomery, Richford and Sheldon, with more likely to be added soon.

Learn more at our NWCUD website!